Day 32. Rhythms are on my mind today. Heartbeat. Breath. Sleep. Crackling fire. Seasons. Drums. Footsteps. Planetary orbits. Rain. Woodpeckers. Digestion. Conversation. Poetry. Music. Crickets. Playing. Creating. Rest. Rhythms surround me. Life is made up of rhythms. I… Read More

A Quiet Moment

A quiet moment on day 16. My adventure today was to take my own advice. I made a cup of hot chocolatey tea, put on some warm clothes, and went outside to bask in the beautiful sunrise. It… Read More

The Lost Art of Repose

Day 13. Hey! I was thinking about the lost art of repose. Life can be so busy all the time. Earn, create, caretake, make, do, achieve, support, provide, and the list goes on. When do we stop and… Read More