Day 32.

Rhythms are on my mind today.

Heartbeat. Breath. Sleep. Crackling fire. Seasons. Drums. Footsteps. Planetary orbits. Rain. Woodpeckers. Digestion. Conversation. Poetry. Music. Crickets. Playing. Creating. Rest.

Rhythms surround me.
Life is made up of rhythms.

I feel myself slowing down as winter solstice approaches. I feel myself drawn into a slow primal rhythm of rest and hibernation. I feel myself drifting into a deep sleep.

In this sleep, i find renewal. In this rest, i find rejuvenation. In this hibernating, i find reconnection.

After a month of daily writings to share, i find myself retreating a bit. I will see you when i reawaken.

Love & Zzzzz,

Day 31.

A visual adventure into a dreamy snowscape.

Would you be willing to let me know which is your favorite photo?

In warmth & love,

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Day 28.

A storm is coming and this everyday adventurer is thrilled!

The anticipation and tension.
The shifting air and mood.
The fresh damp smells from afar.
The promises of struggle and renewal.

Thunderstorms move with frightening force and cause all to flee fearfully. It’s easy to see how our ancient ancestors beheld the fury of gods in these storms.

I sink into the rapturous chaos and write a poem called Renewal.

Storms rage ecstatic
Skies explode furiously
Dreams shiver in wait

Much love,