Day 32.

Rhythms are on my mind today.

Heartbeat. Breath. Sleep. Crackling fire. Seasons. Drums. Footsteps. Planetary orbits. Rain. Woodpeckers. Digestion. Conversation. Poetry. Music. Crickets. Playing. Creating. Rest.

Rhythms surround me.
Life is made up of rhythms.

I feel myself slowing down as winter solstice approaches. I feel myself drawn into a slow primal rhythm of rest and hibernation. I feel myself drifting into a deep sleep.

In this sleep, i find renewal. In this rest, i find rejuvenation. In this hibernating, i find reconnection.

After a month of daily writings to share, i find myself retreating a bit. I will see you when i reawaken.

Love & Zzzzz,

Day 26.

Yes, sometimes i feel uninspired.
And that’s okay.

On these days, i take out a deck of oracle cards.

They offer a very simple way to have
an everyday adventure when i’m feeling
a bit uninspired.

The cards remind me to open my eyes, ears,
nose, pores, mind and take in the wonder
that surrounds me.

The “Desert – Vision Quest” card was a true blessing.

It led me on an adventure into a quiet place in
nature where i sat still, breathed deeply, listened
intently, felt fully, and gazed in awe as life
churned around me.

I allowed a vision to come to me. The delicate beauty
of my visitor brought me to tears. She gave me this

Go out and beyond
Into the vast empty space
Meet yourself and weep

Humbly yours,

Today’s adventure (Day 20) happened quite spontaneously.

I opened the front door to a thick fog. The heavy mist draped it arms around the trees, shrubs, and grass. It did not discriminate.

The blanket of floating water droplets showered the land in serenity. I stood there for a few minutes in wonder and awe. I felt quiet and safe.

Soon I was blessed with drops of love as the pine trees above shared their extra dew with me.

An unexpected baptism. A welcome sense of being exactly where I need to be.

From my adventurous heart to yours,