Day 32.

Rhythms are on my mind today.

Heartbeat. Breath. Sleep. Crackling fire. Seasons. Drums. Footsteps. Planetary orbits. Rain. Woodpeckers. Digestion. Conversation. Poetry. Music. Crickets. Playing. Creating. Rest.

Rhythms surround me.
Life is made up of rhythms.

I feel myself slowing down as winter solstice approaches. I feel myself drawn into a slow primal rhythm of rest and hibernation. I feel myself drifting into a deep sleep.

In this sleep, i find renewal. In this rest, i find rejuvenation. In this hibernating, i find reconnection.

After a month of daily writings to share, i find myself retreating a bit. I will see you when i reawaken.

Love & Zzzzz,

Day 30.

Always a favorite adventure of mine… a new book.

Whether i find something random at the library or stumble across a book i must own for a while. Books captivate me. Books open portals i may never discover or step through without their influence.

Do you have a current book adventure you are exploring?

Much love,

Dearest friend,

I think I may understand something that I used to know but forgot or grew out of knowing.

Enjoying life is paramount as my authentic joy brings joy to others which improves the world.

Everyone wins!

So then how do I find a place of true enjoyment that is healthy for me? Enjoyment that leaves me clear and free. Enjoyment that makes me laugh and cry.

I want to dance with overwhelming enjoyment.

How do I find that place of truly free joy?

In wonderment,

Day 17