Day 28.

A storm is coming and this everyday adventurer is thrilled!

The anticipation and tension.
The shifting air and mood.
The fresh damp smells from afar.
The promises of struggle and renewal.

Thunderstorms move with frightening force and cause all to flee fearfully. It’s easy to see how our ancient ancestors beheld the fury of gods in these storms.

I sink into the rapturous chaos and write a poem called Renewal.

Storms rage ecstatic
Skies explode furiously
Dreams shiver in wait

Much love,

Day 27.

Do century plants postpone blooming because they know it means the end?

One bloom. One chance. Then gone.

It makes me grateful that i have many chances to bloom. Many chances in this life to change, grow, experience. Many chances to show what i’m cultivating within.

Regardless of my circumstances and environment, i always have the option to bloom. I always have the choice to cultivate beauty and share it.

Even sitting in the midst of discomfort, pain, struggle, and strife; beauty can be born. It may take time, but it can be.

I can always choose the adventure of beauty.

Much love,

Day 26.

Yes, sometimes i feel uninspired.
And that’s okay.

On these days, i take out a deck of oracle cards.

They offer a very simple way to have
an everyday adventure when i’m feeling
a bit uninspired.

The cards remind me to open my eyes, ears,
nose, pores, mind and take in the wonder
that surrounds me.

The “Desert – Vision Quest” card was a true blessing.

It led me on an adventure into a quiet place in
nature where i sat still, breathed deeply, listened
intently, felt fully, and gazed in awe as life
churned around me.

I allowed a vision to come to me. The delicate beauty
of my visitor brought me to tears. She gave me this

Go out and beyond
Into the vast empty space
Meet yourself and weep

Humbly yours,