Day 31.

A visual adventure into a dreamy snowscape.

Would you be willing to let me know which is your favorite photo?

In warmth & love,

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Day 30.

Always a favorite adventure of mine… a new book.

Whether i find something random at the library or stumble across a book i must own for a while. Books captivate me. Books open portals i may never discover or step through without their influence.

Do you have a current book adventure you are exploring?

Much love,

Day 29.

Mmmm Coffee!

I don’t drink much coffee but when i do, it is an adventure.

Opening a bag of fresh beans delights my nose with a well-known, deep, earthy scent. My eyes twinkle with the light shining off of the oily beans. I take a few of the little brown half spheres into my hand and giggle as i shake them like a percussive instrument. Their light airy nature intrigues me.

Placing beans into the grinder fills my ears with soft clickety-clicks. The whir of the grinder wafts a stronger, more chocolately scent toward me. I close my eyes and inhale deeply. Slowly.

Steaming water and fresh ground coffee combine into a gloriously frothy stew. A sign of quality beans roasted to perfection.

The dark, hot brew seduces my senses.

Deep, chocolate earth envelopes me.

I sink into a joyous adventure with my cup of deliciousness. A simple, everyday adventure.

While i enjoy the coffee, i think of all the people, animals, and plants that make this moment possible. I bow in humble gratitude for everyone and everything that brought this delightful adventure into my everyday life.

Much love,