fairy paths


Hi! One of my favorite things to do is find the beautiful, curious, and adventurous aspects in daily life.

Many experiences in my childhood were unpredictable and scary. I remember strong feelings of anxiety almost constantly.

In order to make some sense of my experiences, I dove deep into my imagination. My face was always in a book, in my journal, or close to a blade of grass. I constantly searched for secret lands, fantastical beings, and safe escapes. I opened my mind and heart to love, acceptance, joy, peace, adventure, and beauty which I found all within.

Today, those experiences and inclinations all come together to create me.

Feeling trapped, afraid, or powerless is no way to live regardless of the surrounding circumstances. I love my freedom, my joy, my deep sense of connection to the all-powerful Source. I love finding these things in the most unexpected places.

Sharing these feelings of inspiration, awe, love, and peace is my destiny.

Writing, creating art, and free-form movement are ways I process and share this destiny of beautiful adventure and serene freedom.

It is my hope that these creations will help those who need a little beauty, liberation, and serenity in their own everyday lives.

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